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STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS for resellers based outside of Australia OR selling outside of Australia are below. 

STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS for resellers based in Australia OR selling to Australia are on our AU$ online store

  1. Register on this our online store where you will be placing your dropshipping orders 
  2. List our products on your online store or your social network page on Facebook, Instagram, etc
  3. Provide URL link to that page where we can see that you display and offer for sale our products
  4. Let us know that you have done it, provide your DOB and we will generate you own personal 10% - 20% dropshipping discount code for you
  5. Place your orders, enter your personal discount code into discount field, get 10% - 20% dropshipping discount for each order
  6. We will ship your dropshipping orders directly to your customers within 5 business days from order date 
  1. Start selling original Australian ugg boots made in Australia and get 10% - 20% commission for each order
  2. Your income is in direct proportion to the volume of your sales - the more you sell the more you get
  3. Your commission rate is in direct proportion to the volume of sales you have generated
  4. Prove that you are professional online reseller and get paid according to your online selling ability
  5. Prove that you are really influential influencer and get paid accoding to your real level of influence
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Sales volume $0 - $1,000 commission is 10%

- Classic Short $160: 10% commission is $16

Sales volume 1,001 - $2,000 commission is 15%

- Classic Short $160: 15% commission is $24

Sales volume $2,001 + commission is 20%

- Classic Short $160: 20% commission is $32



  1. Original Australian ugg boots made in Australia 
  2. Direct from Australian ugg boots factory
  3. Best Australian factory direct prices
  4. 12 month manufacturers warranty 

Dropshipping discounts do not apply to STOCK SALE items as they are already heavily discounted